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Campaign Education

This one just got forwarded to us just a few minutes ago.

The Benjamin for Mayor camp is evidently still trying to educate the public as the hours tick down to the end of this runoff race. Benjamin campaign workers have been passing out sample ballots at precincts across the City of Columbia pointing voters to both “Steve Benjamin” for Mayor of Columbia and “Tony Mizzell” for City Council District 4.

Ironically, they even gave copies to Councilman Finlay and his mother as they entered their precinct earlier today.

Problem with this “educational effort” is that no one in the Benjamin camp apparently asked Tony Mizzell if he wanted to be included.

To that end, Mizzell was just recently spotted at one precinct in District 4 picking up sample ballots from voters standing outside the door and tossing them in the trash can.

Meanwhile, over in the Rosewood community, some firefighters have been greeting voters as they make their way into the polling places notifying them to vote for Benjamin, because they “may not be able to respond to fire quickly if Finlay is elected mayor.”

That’s kind of ironic, saying that Assistant City Manager for Public Safety Mike King informed his boss, City Manager Steve Gantt, today…

The FY 2010/2011 budget request for CFD, reflects and supports the full funding of all fire suppression and prevention responsibilities, to include fully restoring both Engine 8 and Engine 9 to service. The funding requested will provide for full staffing levels of Firefighters.¬†Any reduction in staffing/funding amounts will focused at the Executive/Administrative levels; example – not funding a Assistant Chief’s Position, Part time Computer Operator Position, and the elimination/transfer of an Executive Assistant’s position to the ACM of Public Safety’s Office.

Seems that City Hall knows something that the firefighters in Rosewood don’t. Hopefully, they’ll get that information out sooner than later today.

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  1. John says:

    Pulse. I know this article is old news by now but, Mizzell was the creator of this sample ballot, not Benjamin. You need to do a little bit mor e research. I know you will do a lot to discredit the Benjamin camp but you have no proof that this sample ballot came from them. Although I also have not proof, I have talked to someone who heard that Mizzell was thinking about doing this sample ballot the night before the election and distribute them out in precincts in district 4 that favor Benjamin. Mizzell only throw the ballots away when Finlay confronted him about them. Beside, If Benjamin was the creator of the ballot, why would he include Mizzell or Plaugh on it? They apparently were distributed in Finlay’s own voting precinct. Whoops! That kind of campaigning does work in Columbia and it didn’t work for Mizzell. Better luck next time Tony.

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