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Begging to Get Fired?

We find it ironic that the one that has been trained to tote a gun is the very one about to get shot by the folks who buy the bullets.

In the days since the fateful collision of Mayor-elect Steve Benjamin and long-time Clarion waitress Deborah Reubens, Chief Tandy Carter’s actions… or lack there of… have been reminiscent of Alexander Haig in the shadows of the Reagan assassination attempt. Remember the “I am in charge” declaration?

Carter must have been taking notes, because he is still screaming the same words.

He has resisted common sense and has shown a complete lack of respect… dare we even say contempt… for city leaders.

Why is it that Chief Carter is holding the incident report in his holster, unwilling to collaborate with any other law enforcement agency? Could it be that the incident procedure was poorly executed at best? Perhaps.

Think of it… Steve Benjamin has just emerged as the new mayor-elect. Celebration is in the air. In the wee hours of the following morning, the mayor-elect is involved in a horrid accident… and no one even thinks of a sobriety test. No one thinks of protocol.

No one even considers the potential semblance of impropriety when the public-safety-endorsed candidate is being investigated by the very folks who endorsed him.

We have been told from the inside that it was Carter who refused to turn over the investigation to the highway patrol when the facts of who was involved came to light.

And now, he’s bypassing his immediate superior, Steve Gantt, and Gantt’ bosses, City Council, by calling… of all people, the Attorney General… for permission to snub the boss.

Why is the leadership of this city turning to Henry McMaster at every turn to ask what to do?

We at The Pulse had a chance to talk with Carter just after he began his tenure with the City, and he made it very clear at the time that his police force wasn’t going to get mixed up in city politics.

Paraphrasing the Chief, “I don’t tell the politicians how run this city. They don’t need to tell me how to run the police department.”

Carter might want to call Dean Crisp and Charles Austin for some advice. He’s likely going to need their experience… in searching for a new job.

The irony in all of this is the fact that Carter is a military-trained individual… a Marine at that.

Chief, is it not true that when your commanding officer gives you orders to stand down, you do it?

Obviously, Carter has forgotten his training and has simply gone rogue.

The under-rumblings of this political battlefield is a fact very few Columbians realize. This Capital city operates under a weak mayor system.

If you understand the semantics of this form of government, you come to see that it’s the city manager who ultimately leads the troops. There is no authority higher in the city for day-to-day matters. The major difference between the city manager and the city council is the fact that the manager has no vote.

He does, however, have the power to hire, fire, and maintain the agenda as it pertains to the best interest of the citizens. Look for him to start executing that power very clearly, very soon.

Chief Carter either does not understand his marching orders or is simply ignoring them. This is the typical, dangerous fallout of a weak mayor system, and once again, our city is left vulnerable.

Bucking the system has absolutely no place in this situation. Carter is simply flexing his insubordination.

Before November, the strong form of government is slated for city council’s agenda. If Carter can hold on until then, and if he waits for this form of new government to be installed, the one he let get away, might very well be the one showing him the door.

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  1. Michele E Hutchinson says:

    Did u chk his Marine Personnel Evaluations? Too much attitude too soon but, typical of many men & a few women exiting military service. Apparently, “Chain of Command” in civil service means nothing to him. His attitude seams to have slid down to the desk Pvt on 05/07/2010. I m mobility impaired w/ a disability license plate. I enter the police dept & asked to make a report on a car parked in a handicap space w/o disability plates or handicap card in front windshield. After giving a summary, what I got was, “You can file a report but you have to listen first.” We sat down & he proceeded to tell me that because the handicap space was in front of a restaurant, according to SC law the manager of the restaurant could authorize his able-bodied emplyoyee to park there. I asked him to show me this regulation, his retort was he couldn’t get to it right then. He wrote some flimsy notes & gave me 2 assignments; call corporate offices of the restaurant & call the City of Columbia police office legal services. Before I left I said “it is no wonder citizens have little confidence in the Police. I came in to file a report, you duty was to take the report & maybe file it, or investigate it, or pass it on, not to try & talk me out of giving a report or give me assignments.” Attitude rollls downhill & cream sours as it rises. C of P get a new attitude & then check that of the lowest person on your Totem Pole. Xcuz any poor grammar, incorrect punctuation or misspellings!

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